Mick’s Pastis Cake


Starter 70g
Strong Bread Flour 70g
Milk 70g


Strong Bread Flour 245g
Starter (above) 210g
Sugar 100g
Butter 80g
Eggs 250g (5)
Salt 2g
Ricard 1tsp
Vanilla Extract 1tsp
Seeds of 1 x Vanilla Pod


Water 100g
Sugar 100g
Vanilla Extract 0.5 tsp
Vanilla Pod (from above)

If you are a cake maker probably best to follow your usual practice. Not being one, I just whisked the dough ingredients together with my fingers.

Proving is a bit of guess work – I did 5.5 hours, poured into a lined cake tin, baked 35-40 minutes @ 150C.

While the cake is baking make the syrup. Bring the ingredients to the boil.

After a minute allow to cool. When the cake is baked pour over the syrup and
sprinkle with pearl sugar. Allow to soak in.