Judging the price to charge for such events as this is not easy. Whilst you can estimate fairly accurately most of the costs that will be incurred, it’s not an exact science.

Having done our research, we have arrived at a figure which we think allows all the core costs to be covered and avoids the need to ask for any further contributions.

For bakers, that figure is £80, and for non-baking partners or friends, it’s £30.

Those numbers pay for the following:

  • lunch and evening meals from Friday evening through to Sunday evening
  • regular ingredients you need for bread baking, e.g. flours, salt, oil, yeast, seeds, grains, eggs, milk, sugar, butter
  • the venue: the cost of hiring the kitchen and all its facilities

All other possible costs will need to be funded by each participant from their own pocket, e.g. accommodation, travel, more exotic ingredients, specialist baking equipment (though rest assured that on the equipment front you will find most things you could want are already on hand.)