bethesdabakinlondon2016 is an informal event, run not-for-profit, with the aim of bringing together bakers of all aptitudes and experiences, for a long weekend of baking, experimenting, exploring and socialising.

These events are never intended to be run as a commercial, professional venture and there is no set agenda or rules for what happens each day. All you need do is come along, maybe with some ideas of what you want to do, and have a go – it’s that easy!

It’s meant to be fun, and educative, and not too serious. You work as hard as you want, it’s up to you.

If you want (or need) help, just ask someone – though after a few hours we suspect you’ll know who the past-masters are  🙂    There is a wealth of collective experience and knowledge, so just ask if you are curious or want to find out more about how to do something.  And similarly, since all of us are still keen to learn, hopefully you’ll find most participants equally interested in what you might be doing.