Welcome to Bethesdabakin 2016

Twickenham, 26 to 28 August 2016

Back in 2007, a certain Mick Hartley organised and ran the first annual gathering of bakers at Bethesda Rugby Club, North Wales.

Since then, there have been events every year, held in various locations, where folk can get together and practise, share, invent, learn more about the wonderful world of baking.  Now, for the first time, the event is being run in London, over the August Bank Holiday weekend, in a professional kitchen we’ve secured the use of.

For information on previous years’ baking weekends, and what to expect at such events, please see the general website: bethesdabakin.com

More details on this year’s event can be found from the menu links above.

Once you have decided it would simply be a crying shame not to take part, please get in touch to confirm your attendance and to make payment in advance (see Costs link above).  Please note that numbers are limited.